Project Releases

When the user will be assigned tasks or has allotted milestones for completing the project then they have to give the releases of the project for the assigned or decided milestones by the project manager for the employees. The details of the project releases will be updated here. The project releases feature will help the admin to get a handful of information on how much of the project has been completed and what is still pending.

“The following procedure has to be followed for adding a new release.”

  • For adding a new release, the Admin or the project head can fill the project details.
  • The project details include “project name, the release code, the release date, and the milestone information”.
  • The Admin can also update the version of releases which will help them to keep a track on the updates and changes.
  • Who has given the release and to whom it has been shared, the information can also be updated.
  • A detailed description can also be given by the project manager if required. It is optional.
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