Attendance Management

The composition of the workforce today is quite different. Some employees may have different reporting times. Others work from home. Field employees are likely to be on the run most of the time. With organizations going global, there has been a spurt in the number of remote employees as well. BenchStep ERP accommodates flexible working hours and adjusts to different circumstances to suit every employee. Every kind of data related to a particular employee is integrated into a central database. This enables the HR managers to do complete employee management.

The total number of employees present can be viewed instantly. A poor absenteeism record will help them to take tough decisions on employees.

“Single tool to integrate all your business needs.”

  • The attendance module in HRMS facilitates better timekeeping. With automated timesheets created by the system weekly or monthly, timesheet errors are nullified, and project time management becomes easier.
  • It enables accurate calculation of working hours which assists in payroll computation minus the errors.
  • It incorporates late coming fines, minimum working hours for half-day, early go policy and extra time bonus. Work shifts can also be easily accommodated.
  • Accordingly, it does automatic adjustment in payroll calculation. It eliminates human errors from attendance management.
  • BenchStep ERP creates real-time alerts and information for the managers to view their team’s regularity and punctuality records.
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