When employees work on the projects either it may be of the IT sector or any other sector, there are chances that there will be some incidents or bugs that are required to be noted down and to be updated for solving it and to bring it in the notice of the designated person or for any other reason. This feature of the Project Management under BenchStep ERP will help in recording the bugs or incidents that have occured.

“The following procedure has to be followed for adding a new bug or an incident.”

  • Details related to the bug or incident that has occured will be filled in this.
  • Incident name, type of incident, and the severity of the incident, name of the person who has updated are the required details in it.
  • All other fields that have been asked to fill shall be inserted and then by adding the description of the bug along with uploading the document and saving it will add the details of a new bug or incident occurred.
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