Manage Department

Each company will have different departments in it that need to be managed properly for it to work seamlessly and not create any issues in the company's working. BenchStep ERP has the feature of managing departments, which will help the Admin make different departments in their company and allow each department to be their respective admin. BenchStep ERP gives few defaulted departments automatically for the companies to add, and if the company wants to add more departments they can add it from the Add Department option.

"Make Departments seamlessly with BenchStep ERP for great results."

  • Super Admin or the Domain admin will have access to create departments and give each department "Department Code", which will help identify the individual departments.
  • In the Department that is being created, Domain Admin can add and manage the employees.
  • They can manage the Departments for the number of companies created in their account.
  • The number of employees added in each department will be shown in the Department information.
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