Task Hours

This feature in our BenchStep ERP is designed to set up tasks for employees to complete tasks which will be assigned by their project managers or any other head. In some organizations, hours worked by employees are needed for reporting and compliance purposes. This comes as a huge task in the month end or by the end of the financial year.

This extra work pressure to the Human Resource (HR) department could be shredded when employees’ working hours are tracked accurately.

Employee efficiency tracking tools are specifically designed to aid project management by allowing you to prepare, schedule, organise and prioritise tasks. With employee monitoring software, managers could easily have a check on team member’s working hours through the automated tool, availing work transparency and letting managers or team leaders to keep each employee accountable for their allotted tasks. An employee monitoring software allows project managers to avoid confusions while promising a project deadline to the client.

“This feature will be beneficial in these ways.”

  • In this feature, either the project manager or anyone incharge can assign tasks by adding the name of the company, name of the employee, designation of the employee, assigned task hours and actual task hours which shows the actual amount of work the employee has done for the task.
  • This information can be useful to track hours spent on one task and productivity of the employee.
  • This information can also be useful for initiating payslips for the employee.
  • The advantage of task hours is that It comes as no surprise that when employees are aware of their productivity being monitored by a productivity monitoring tool, they tend to concentrate more on their tasks and stay active throughout the working schedule.
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