Create projects

In a company creating projects and assigning to the employees is one of the most important things and that needs to be done with utmost care. The Project Management tool of the BenchStep ERP has the feature of Creating projects that will help the Project Management Admin or the project manager to create projects and share it with the team members or the employees working on the project.

“This procedure will help you to get benefitted.”

  • The Admin has to fill the project details. The project details consist of the information of Company, Project Type, Project Type, Client, Project Code, Project Name, Awarded Date, Assign Date is required, Expected Start Date, Finish Date, Expected Handover Date, Project LeadProject Cost, and Status.
  • The Admin can create the milestones of the project assigned to each employee. Details like the starting date of the milestone, end date and many others.
  • The Admin will assign tasks to the users for each day along with the estimated time for completing the project. This will make it easier for the Admin to complete their projects on time.
  • The mail configuration has also been provided for notifications.
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