Accounts Payable Report

Account Payable report is used by the companies to understand what are the debts in the company. This report will help the Admin to get the complete details of the debts and the Accounts payable by the company. The report consists of Supplier Name, the specified time limits within which the company has to make the payment. The report will make the process easier and will include no complications.

The aging report for accounts payable categorises payables to suppliers into time buckets. In most cases, the report is set up using 30-day time buckets. This method produces a report in which each subsequent column contains supplier invoices that are 0 to 30 days old, 31 to 60 days old, 61 to 90 days old, and invoices that are older than 90 days old. The purpose of the report is to provide a visual aid to the user in determining which bills are past due. It's especially important when a company is cash-strapped and wants to keep track of whose payables aren't being paid on time. BenchStep provides the fields by updating which, the user will have the complete information of the accounts payable and the amount details

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