EE Passport Details

This feature is designed to record the passport details of all the employees. It includes the issue date and expiry date of employees passports along with the designation, department, and place of issue of employees. In this report, the HR admin can add the information of employees' passports. By clicking on the employee's name, all the other information on the employee's passport will be displayed. The designation of the employee, their department, place of issue, issue date of passport and the expiry date of the passport will be visible.

“The advantages of this Report are”

  • This feature will help the HR department to know the details of employees' passports.
  • They will get the information about the expiration of employees' passport details before it expires.
  • This will help send a reminder to employees for them to renew their passports as soon as it expires so there will be no issue while the employees have to travel to different places.
  • The feature will help the HR team make the process easy. Their workload will diminish to a significant level where they do not have to search for each employee's information individually.
  • All the employees' data will be in one place.
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