Employee Master

The Employee Master feature in our HRMS is designed to record the details of employees.This includes employee name, Date of Birth, Date of joining, designation in the company, nationality, Visa, and expiry details of their official documents. When the employee name has been selected, the information of the employee will be displayed here. The information will be reflected in the HR report, where the HR admin will have access to the reports. Each cell will show the employee's information from the moment he joined the company, his designation, code number, Unique ID number, and the expiry details of the documents.

“The advantages of this Report are”

  • The details of the employees will be with the HR manager which will help them know all the important details whenever they require.
  • The details will help the HR team to know prior about the expiry details of employees documents.
  • A complete list of all the employees will be available in Employee Master, where each employee will have their separate code number. Details related to passports and visas will also be available.
  • With the help of this feature, the work pressure of the HR manager will be shredded as they will get the relevant information of all the employees at one place.
  • The HR manager can keep a check on the expiry details of employees documents. The HR team will be able to manage all employees' data at this place.
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