Unique ID Expiry

This report is designed to record the details of the Unique ID of employees given by their companies. This will include the issue date of Unique ID and the expiry date of Unique ID. In this report, the employee name will be mentioned along with their designation, department in which they work, Unique ID issue date and the date of expiry of the Unique ID

“The advantages of this Report are”

  • This feature will help the HR admin record the Unique ID's of all employees in one place along with the issue date and expiry date.
  • This will help the HR admin get a clear idea of how many employees have been given the Unique ID number, when it has been issued, and when it will expire.
  • The feature will help reduce the work for the team to check the expiry date of an employee's ID individually or miss out on the expiration of ID.
  • The feature will keep the HR team up-to-date about the new employees who have been given the Unique ID and the employees whose Unique ID is about to expire.
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