Monthly In / Out Time Roster

A scheduling system helps you stay on track to get important projects done. Checking a to-do list each day, at the very least, reminds you of upcoming deadlines. Scheduling systems that prioritize your projects help you get to the most important projects first. When you don’t use a schedule, work can pile up, causing you to take shortcuts and put less time and effort into rushed work. The more time you have to finish tasks, the higher quality the work will be.

“Benefits of this report”

  • Using computer scheduling allows you to send reminder alerts to your desktop or phone.
  • This can also help you in generating payslips again if your company has a late entry policy.
  • In this feature of our HRMS, you can see the company name, name of the employee and a calendar which shows detailed color coded dates in which you can track the early and late coming employees as well as the employees who are absent and on leave.
  • In this feature of our ERP, the system shows the punch in of the employee, from this feature you can easily keep track of the late and early coming employees.
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