Manage Designations

The Designation is the role that is being assigned for each department that has been created. In this, the Domain Admin will assign the Designation for the department they have created, and the designated employee will get access to operate that department.

For the defaulted departments that the BenchStep ERP is providing to the companies, they can add the respective designations for it. And for the other departments that the Admin will be adding they can add the respective employees for the designated roles.

"Let the designated roles bring operational efficiency to the company. Choose BenchStep ERP to manage Designations."

  • In the Manage Designation feature, the Domain Admin will have the access and power to add a new employee into the designated role.
  • The Designation name will be provided for the respective department for which it has been created.
  • Each Designation will have its unique code number named "Designated Code" given by the Domain Admin.
  • The Domain Admin will have the power to Add/Edit/Delete the Designation information of the employees from the module.
  • They can add the same employees for the designated role or change them for the different number of companies created.
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