Studies show that fewer than half of the employees know where they stand concerning their performance and how can we expect employees to be at their best if they don’t know where they stand. Timely and Actionable Feedback. Giving feedback once a year almost guarantees that it will be vague and largely irrelevant by the time your staff hears it. Saving up a year’s worth of critiques is also detrimental to morale and often hurts engagement and productivity.Constant Opportunities for Development, imagine if a sports coach waited until the end of the season to provide feedback to his team. Forward FocusYou’ve probably noticed that annual performance reviews can get tense. This is because it’s a natural, human response to become defensive when we’re subjected to a stream of critiques. It feels more like a judgment and less like a conversation.

BenchStep ERP with its Binge report helps organizations to know where their employees stand and how dedicated and disciplined they are when it comes to working on time.

“Benefits of this report”

  • This report highlights the employees who worked past their working hours and came early the next day.
  • This feature is used for recognizing such employees for their commitment and hard work.
  • This feature highlights the company name, employee name, date when they’ve binge worked and time and also the date when they’ve come early and the time of logging in.
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