Tax Reports

BenchStep ERP module will help the businesses to do the tax reporting in compliance with the rules and regulations maintaining all the standards. It is the One-Stop-Shop solution for all business needs. Following are the benefits that the BenchStep ERP provides in the tax module.

Provision for all types of taxes

Work with the most up-to-date information available. Directly access financial data from your general ledgers or financial consolidation system to streamline your tax provisioning procedure. Your tax calculations will be based on the most up-to-date information, ensuring greater accuracy and speed.

Make a tax provision calculation

Calculate the tax provision and generate tax journal entries automatically. From the lowest level (legal entity) to the consolidated tax disclosure, tax provision is determined. These computations are pre-configured to meet US GAAP and IFRS criteria.

It works in tandem with your existing tax compliance software

Reduce the need for manual processes by importing tax return details straight from your tax return software. At the touch of a button, you may easily export tax provision and trial balance to tax compliance software.

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