Sales Voucher

Sales voucher comes into the picture when there is a sale in the company either on accrual or cash sales. In this there is a detail of product , units of measures, hsn code, discount , GST on product etc.

You keep track of sales entries whenever you sell a product or service. The sales voucher is used to record sales. In BenchStep ERP, it is among the most commonly utilized accounting vouchers.

A sales voucher is a document that documents a transaction. Historically, the sales voucher was frequently a carbon copy of the customer's sales invoice. The sales voucher serves as the original invoice that is being attached when the customer has not received any of the written record. A sales voucher can be used for serving a number of purposes. Because it begins at the sales point, it offers accurate real-time data to accounting, inventory, and management, the latter by informing them about all the information of when and where the sales have been made, who the customers are, and all the other relevant details of the sales

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