Overtime is the additional hours that surpass the working period of an employee. It is considered an effective solution for round-the-clock workforce requirements. This feature can have a huge impact on the productivity as well as the budget of the employee. Overtime is an advantage to the business as punctual execution of work is done by overtime work, and because of that, the chances of increase in goodwill of the company, extra earning is available to the existing employees by working overtime. This feature is useful to track and give appreciation and incentives to the employees who are working hard.

“The advantages of having Overtime report”

  • The report will show the list of the employees who has worked overtime for the number of days in a month.
  • The Admin can select the employee name and can check the number of days the user has worked overtime.
  • Based on the dedication of employees for their overtime working hours, the management can reward them with awards or whatever is being decided.
  • It will calculate the extra hours along with the minutes and seconds that the employee has worked extra.
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