Monthly Milestones

The ‘Monthly Milestone Deliverables’ is an option present in the reports section of the BenchStep ERP. This menu shows the number of Milestones to be delivered in a particular month. You will be able to see that a few of the dates in the calendar have numbers which signify the total number of Milestones that are to be delivered on that particular day. On clicking that number, you will be able to see the name of the project, the client, Lead of the Project, and the name of the project. You can narrow down your projects by entering the desired keywords into the search bar.

“Benefits it provides to your business.”

  • A project milestone is a marker in a project that signifies an important achievement or a deliverable. Projects are often complicated and have many moving parts. Hence, breaking down the important events of the whole project into smaller milestones will help the employees greatly.
  • Each milestone needs to have its own deadline, and you should track those dates on whatever format you have chosen to document milestones.
  • Adopting project milestones is great for your project’s smooth progression, which reduces your own stress levels, and increases your team’s efficiency.
  • The ‘Monthly Milestone Deliverables’ menu helps the managers to keep in track the important events of all the projects, across all the teams, in an organization in a particular month.
  • This can be applied not only to a single department, but also to other departments of the organization.
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