Leave Details by Employee (EE)

Managing employee leaves can be a challenging task for the HR department of an organisation, because of the large number of employees in the organisations today and the increased chances of errors with a manual approach to leave management. In this feature of our ERP, you can see the name of the company, employee name, leave type whether it's a full day leave or half day, leave from and to dates, when was the leave approved, status and comments.

“The benefits of this report are”

  • The Managers of the respective teams have access to the leave balance of the resources in the team, as well as their leave calendar, to help them plan the availability of resources for a project.
  • The platform implements automated updating of leave balance of the employees in real time to prevent confusion and to ensure smooth Resource Management.
  • Availability on Cloud as well as on-premise ensures that employees can have anytime anywhere access to the data, from their own devices on the go.
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