Debit Note / Purchase Return Voucher

Debit Note is Also called as Purchase return voucher which is issued by the supplier when there is return of goods and services. In this voucher the supplier payables will diminish once we post the debit note with reference number.

A debit note is a document prepared by a buyer when returning items acquired on credit, or it is a document used by a seller to alert the customer of current financial obligations. The debit note might serve as a reminder for money that is currently due or provide information about a forthcoming invoice. The message will include the total expected credit, an inventory of the returned items, and the reason for their return for returned items. The complete process can be done in a few steps with BenchStep ERP.

This will help businesses to keep a track on the goods purchased and the goods returned to the supplier. BenchStep ERP will help the businesses to make this process easier by providing all the advanced settings of the purchase return voucher or debit note at one place.

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